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 L'histoire sombre, et plate de Woo ( Wu ) + Pictures

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MessageSujet: L'histoire sombre, et plate de Woo ( Wu ) + Pictures   Ven 9 Mar - 0:42

Voici l'histoire de Woo, bien qu'elle soit juste faite en 5 minutes et in peu plate / poche. =P

Name: 'Who cares?' ( Nicknamed Woo )
Woo was born on a bad moon, out of a bad union. His mother wasn't really important, and his father had enough wealth that he didn't feel like mentioning his mistress or really paying for the kid's needs. His birth took an even worst turn when came the time to give him a name. His mother, drunk off her ass, as were most of the people attending.. when asked about a name to give to a kid she wasn't really interested about ( who needs a new mouth to feed when you're already scraping the barrel for the money needed to look good ) simply answered " Who cares? " and the drunken lot decided that would be his name, and so it came to be written in the records of the Gold Dwarves.

Not only a complete insult to Woo himself, but also to his ancestors ( whoever the drunken louts were ), the name has stuck with him through his lower class life, doing whatever he could to scrape as much coin as needed to survive and bury his troubles at the bottom of a tankard of strong ale. The constant insults thrown at him about his name and his lack of personal possessions had their ways of leaving him to be somewhat introverted.. not really good with talking to others when he wasn't dead drunk. And most of the times these conversations turned to drunken brawls. What Woo didn't have in charisma he could back up with his resilience and his physical strength, shaped strong by long hours of work as storeroom mover, and heavy cargo carrier in order to pay for his next tankard.

Woo has always been proud about his heritage, even though he felt like breaking a few noses here and there to make it 'more artistic'. His strong beliefs in a personal code of ethic, the dwarven pantheon and his physical prowess ( as well as general misery ), got him noticed by a group of monks that were passing by, and who took an interest in his case. They asked around about him.. but all they could manage to hear about was the mockeries that his peers had for the oddly named dwarf that was drunk most of the time.

Displeased by the results of their search, the monks decided to do something about Woo's poor state, and reputation. Through a cleverly disguised plot.. Woo ended up the centerpiece of a brawl where many dwarves put their money on their 'champion' where as the monks put what savings they had against the odds, by betting on Woo.

Though his face was pretty raw by the end of the brawl, Woo somehow proved himself to be the better man.. And not only was the crowd stunned with surprise.. but they also ended up having to fork their money over to the monks, who then gave it to the victor of the brawl 'because he had earned it'. Surprised by the group's actions.. he began to talk with them, and spend time with them. Learning about their ways, and finally asked if he could join their order. The monks didn't mind having themselves a dwarven trainee, especially someone who showed promise.

The monks taught Woo a lot, and they were the ones who gave him his current name ( turning 'who cares' into 'woo' ). They also didn't believe in forcing their own code of ethics down upon him, and were strong believes that a man needs find his own way into the world, his own reason to exist.. they showed him the path they believed was fit for him, and trained him in their ways.. enlightening him moreso then trying to cram information into his thick skull, allowing him to open his mind to the world. Yet Woo still wasn't a people's person.. especially with how he didn't trust outsiders much unless they were people with good reputation amongst the Gold Dwarves.

Once they felt they could teach him no more.. they sent him off on his way. Putting the boot in his ass so to speak and telling him that he needed to discover the rest on his own, see the world.. and grow from his experiences.

While Woo gained some adventuring skills through his travels.. life on the road on his own was much harder then when he was with the traveling group of monks. And whenever something would go wrong.. you'd find him at the bottom of a tankard.. drinking his worries away.

Years later, Woo met a strange old man one night in a tavern while drinking his problems away. After a fight began.. the overconfident, drunk and wobbly dwarf ended up getting floored by the old man like he was nothing but a chair to be flipped over with a kick. The man's weaving and bobbing allowing him to avoid every blows that the dwarf could throw at him. Humbled by the last blow, and knocked to his senses.. He apologized to the old man, who then invited him to join him in drinking. A night of fiendish revelry later.. and having consumed more booze then he could remember ever drinking in his life.. Woo woke up at the Inn, with the old man waiting for him in the main room.

Though he was strange in behavior, the old monk had appreciated the brawl as well as the night of drinking and partying.. and offered to teach Woo a little more about the style that he'd had the chance to experience himself.. Counting the teeth he'd lost to the old man.. Woo once more humbly agreed to be someone's pupil.
After learning what the old man was willing to teach him, Woo left once more to stare at life in the face and find new things to do. Following his code of ethics, he's been prone to pursue great causes that do not really shift past one edge or the other between white and black.. he's always kept a balance of his karma, willing to defend the innocent if they cannot do it themselves.. yet also willing to put to death someone who's a threat to others without shedding much of a tear.

Woo is a proud dwarf, but the harshness of travelling on the roads and years of drunken revelry have left their mark on him. He's hardly handsome, or very charismatic. Missing almost every teeth in his mouth, and appearing a lot older then he really is from the harshness of the road and the stressful life he's had. Though only in appearance.. he seem a lot more worn down then he really is, and his hair has grown paler much more quickly then someone at his age. His strength relies primarily in his resilience and strong body.

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L'histoire sombre, et plate de Woo ( Wu ) + Pictures
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